• Are you frustrated by your child’s behavior?
  • Are you confused by all of the parenting advice you read?

You are not alone! Most parents feel the same way you do. Some parents continue to stay on the “parenting treadmill”, trying to just get through each day. Other parents realize that is does “take a village” to raise a child and reach out for help.


  • Being a parent with a plan, a parent who feels confident in their role
  • Learning to respond to your child, rather than reacting to their behavior

Parenting is one of our most important jobs. It’s never too late to develop a meaningful relationship with your child…a relationship that will continue to grow as your child grows. Your relationship with your child is important to their future.

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Parents, have you wondered why it’s taking teens so long to grow up? Did you know within the last 30 years, the the number of young adults in their twenties, who are moving back home with their parents, has doubled?!!! Did you also know that teenagers and young adults over the past 30 years have been experiencing an increasing level of distress and a decreasing level of success? What’s going on? Well an easy excuse is the poor economy, which a lot of folks have relied on. However, it is Hal Runkel’s belief, founder of the ScreamFree Institute, that we’ve continued to raise “kids” but have forgotten to raise and […]

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I can’t believe that summer is almost over! I remember when my children were younger we tried to pack the summer with fun activities while allowing for slow summer days…and none of us were ever truly ready for summer to end. I also remember joking with my Mom friends and asking them if they were ready to go back to school…because the reality was although we weren’t really going back to school with our kids, there were times it certainly felt like it. I have a lot of insight now, both as a Mom and in my professional work with families, about the joys and frustrations that school can bring. […]

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Opportunity to Learn from Experience

In the end, it’s not what you do for your children…but what you’ve taught them to do for themselves. ~Ann Landers Do you like to suffer? I know I don’t! Some people view suffering as part of life and others believe that suffering is an option. A few years ago, I read a definition of suffering that has really stuck with me. It stated that “The definition of suffering is wanting things to be different than they are”. Isn’t that true? Think back to the last time you suffered over someone or something. Did you want the person or situation to be different than it was? When we’re able to […]

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Parenting Partners envisions a world where parents are inspired to create and enjoy positive relationships with their children. As a result of their endeavor, the lives of children and families will be greatly enriched.

Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP