• Are you frustrated by your child’s behavior?
  • Are you confused by all of the parenting advice you read?

You are not alone! Most parents feel the same way you do. Some parents continue to stay on the “parenting treadmill”, trying to just get through each day. Other parents realize that is does “take a village” to raise a child and reach out for help.


  • Being a parent with a plan, a parent who feels confident in their role
  • Learning to respond to your child, rather than reacting to their behavior

Parenting is one of our most important jobs. It’s never too late to develop a meaningful relationship with your child…a relationship that will continue to grow as your child grows. Your relationship with your child is important to their future.

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Well, school is back in session and hopefully your kids are adjusting to the new year. As parents, can we do to help ensure that our kids have a positive school year? One way I believe we can help our kids is to encourage them to create a positive vision for the new year. Recently, I came across this quote by Michael Jordan. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” ~ Michael Jordan That’s so true, isn’t it? If we don’t expect things of ourselves, we don’t give it our “all”. Especially if we don’t believe we’re capable of doing it. Then it’s easy not […]

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Families Matter… Let’s Not Give Up!

For many years, I have been deeply concerned about the way we treat each other in society. As a parent, I’ve often wondered, what are we teaching our children…what are we modeling for them? In my own work, as a child & adolescent therapist and parent coach, I’ve been very concerned about children and families. I’ve spent many hours listening to children, and what I’ve witnessed are children who want to be seen by their parents…really seen. Their parents are often very giving and loving but perhaps not in the way the child needs their love. Today’s parents are often overwhelmed and distracted by life’s responsibilities. They want to provide […]

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Parenting Partners envisions a world where parents are inspired to create and enjoy positive relationships with their children. As a result of their endeavor, the lives of children and families will be greatly enriched.

Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP