• Are you frustrated by your child’s behavior?
  • Are you confused by all of the parenting advice you read?

You are not alone! Most parents feel the same way you do. Some parents continue to stay on the “parenting treadmill”, trying to just get through each day. Other parents realize that is does “take a village” to raise a child and reach out for help.


  • Being a parent with a plan, a parent who feels confident in their role
  • Learning to respond to your child, rather than reacting to their behavior

Parenting is one of our most important jobs. It’s never too late to develop a meaningful relationship with your child…a relationship that will continue to grow as your child grows. Your relationship with your child is important to their future.

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Dr. Shefali Tsabary Shares Her Thoughts About Conscious Parenting on Wholehearted Parenting Radio

You definitely won’t want to miss my conversation today with Dr. Shefali Tsabury, the author of a wonderful book entitled “The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves…Empowering Our Children”. Shefali is a clinical psychologist, author and TED talk speaker. Eckhart Tolle praises Dr. Tsabury’s book stating “that this invaluable book shows how the challenges of parenting can become a great opportunity for spiritual awakening. He goes on to say that “becoming a fully conscious parent is the greatest gift you can give to your child” We’ll explore…. Why behavioral strategies alone don’t work What it means to be a conscious parent Lessons that your child can teach you The ripple effect of […]

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Date Nights are Not a Luxury, but a Neccessity!

Parents do you feel that most of your time is either spent with your kids or with your daily commitments, such as work? I remember those crazy busy days with our four kids! I’m also on the other side of parenting…now I’m the parent of adult kids. The one thing that I do know for sure is that time goes quickly, and it’s so easy to let our relationships with our spouse or partner, sit on the back burner. I see this happen quite often with parents that I work with. They don’t intend to let this happen but it does. One of my homework assignments that I give to […]

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Creativity Creates Family Connection

Summer is soon approaching and families will be spending lots of time together! Summer has always been a reminder for me to slow down, especially as the temperatures rise. Slowing down seems to be a thing of the past with our fast pace lives that we live. Summers of long ago offered lots of free time for kids to use their imagination and creativity. I recently read a study that children have half as much free time now than they did 30 years ago. Children seemed to be so overscheduled now, that I often wonder if there is even time to allow and encourage creativity. Spending slower summer days with […]

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Parenting Partners envisions a world where parents are inspired to create and enjoy positive relationships with their children. As a result of their endeavor, the lives of children and families will be greatly enriched.

Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP