Every day that I’m with children, personally and professionally, I’m reminded that they are much less judgmental than adults. They are especially good at forgiving. I often remind parents that a child’s ability to forgive works in our favor. When you’ve made a mistake as a parent, rather than holding onto your feelings of guilt, apologize to your child and then appreciate the fact that they are gifted with the ability to let go and forgive. Each day is a new day and another chance, as a parent, to get it right!

Your children and teens are watching you…watching how accepting you are of yourself and others. Watching how you judge yourself and others.

Children are our mirrors…and they’re showing you how you’re showing up in the world.

Our world has become divided. And very judgmental. What part of yourself are you showing your children? Your kind and compassionate side, or your angry, judgmental side? Yes, we all possess ALL of these aspects, and more. That’s what makes us human. However, we have the ability and responsibility to choose how we’re showing up each moment, each day.

Pause. Take a moment and ask yourself…

How do I want to show up in life today?

How do you I want my kids to show up in the world?

This begins with you…

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Wishing you a peaceful week!


P.S. This blogpost includes adapted excerpts from my book Mothering with Courage: The Mindful Approach to Becoming a Mom Who Listens More, Worries Less and Loves Deeply.

Moms have been sharing that since reading Mothering with Courage, they have a better understanding of themselves and their children. They’re also witnessing positive changes in their children’s behavior and more importantly in the relationship with their children. Simply because they made the decision to focus on themselves rather than on their children’s behavior.

If you’d like to learn more about how to do this, please take a look at my newly released book Mothering with Courage…The Mindful Approach to Becoming a Mom Who Listens More, Worries Less and Loves Deeply.

I’d love to support you in your journey as you learn to trust your inner wisdom and find the answers that work best for you. Please contact me if you’re interested in scheduling a session by phone or in person.

And stay tuned for more mothering tip videos. I’ll be offering tips and will also be asking other moms and professionals to join my conversation and share their mindful mothering tips!

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