Do you feel like you’re parenting alone sometimes?

They say it “takes a village” to raise a child. Many years ago that was true. Villages and communities were there to support families. Children were often nurtured by many. And parents were supported by others.

Our modern times have led to more isolation. Many extended families live far from each other and schedules are busier than ever.

It is my intention to offer support to families. I believe it does take a village so I’ve created a virtual village… Wholehearted Parenting Community. This is a free online parenting community that I facilitate to help parents with their daily parenting issues and concerns. It is also a community where parents gather to support each other. In addition to the important parenting information and guidance I offer, parents also offer valuable support and information to each other.

Wholehearted Parenting Community is a closed Facebook group. It is private and seen only by approved members.

In addition to daily inspirational tips, articles and posts, I offer a weekly FB Live covering various parenting topics. You’re able to comment or ask questions while I’m speaking. If you’re unable to watch the Live, you can always catch the Replay.

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