Exciting News! I’m Birthing a Book for Mamas

Giving birth is a time that’s filled with joy and a lot of hard work! And a lot happens before the birth. Before sharing news about the birth of my book, I thought I’d share the story behind the birth story… When I first started blogging, many years ago, I was given this advice: “Once you begin blogging, be consistent. Consistency can mean once a day, a week or a month, but be consistent.” I followed that advice for many years. My intention in blogging was to provide you with sound parenting advice, and inspire you to be the parent you want to be (and your child needs you to […] Read more »

Join me for an upcoming parenting class! Become a calm, connected, and confident parent! Register yourself and a friend by February 5th, and receive a 15% discount!

Are you hoping to become a confident parent? How will you know when you’ve become one? When your child… Listens? Acts responsibly? Makes appropriate choices? Respects you? The problem with your confidence measure, is that your level of confidence is dependent upon what your child does or does not do. How would it feel to be a calm, connected and confident parent each and every day? No matter what your child does. Yes, it is possible. I’ve worked with many parents and have witnessed their growth as they’ve learned to become calm, connected and confident in their parenting. They’ve learned to stop focusing on their children but rather focus on […] Read more »

Dreams Do Come True…sharing EXCITING NEWS!!!

“If your dreams don’t scare you—they’re not BIG enough.” ~Ellen Johnson Sirleaf My dreams have been BIG and SCARY! Some of you may not know this about me, but I dream big—I see a brighter future for children and parents. That’s why there is a bright shiny sun on my website and why my tagline reads… Helping to create a brighter future for you and your child In my life’s work, my mission and vision has been to reach as many parents as possible to help them become more mindful in their parenting—more awake and aware of their own individual journey as a parent. I believe my life’s work has […] Read more »

Where in the World is Calm?

Be the Peace You Wish to See in the World. Martin Luther King, Jr. I’ve been feeling sad lately. Sad about the injustice in the world and about the way we treat each other, individually and collectively. Although I certainly do not have the answers, I am reminded that we each play our own part…our own role in how we show up in the world. One thing that I do know for sure (sorry Oprah, but I too have some thoughts), is that how we treat others is not too distant from how we treat ourselves. When we’re quick to judge or criticize others, we’re often quick to allow our […] Read more »

Can Strep Infections Cause Behavioral or Psychiatric Disorders in Children?

I’m so glad you’ve joined us today, as we explore PANDAS and it’s effects on children. Have you ever heard of PANDAS, or has your child ever suffered from this? I’m not talking about the cute furry black and white bear at the zoo. PANDAS is an acronym for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus infection. Not all children, who are infected by Strep, will get PANDAS. Although I do believe that the percentage of children who are at risk for this is increasing, and it warrants a conversation. My intention is not to scare or worry you as a parent, but as a pediatric nurse practitioner and child […] Read more »

Life Happens…Your Best Life Happens with Intention

Are you feeling like life is passing you by? Me too! Did your life seem like a whirlwind before the holidays? Mine did too! Have you been able to slow down a bit in 2015 and recapture a bit of your life? I’m working on it! For those of you who follow my blog, and perhaps wonder where I’ve been since mid-December, I’ve been busy “doing and being”. I loved our family time during the holidays, and set my intention to soak up every moment. I also consciously planned a very low key slow week after the holidays to get back to life, organize, declutter, and let go of what […] Read more »

Lets Play with Our Kids…

The holiday season is upon us and it is so easy to get caught up in all of the hustle bustle! Before we know it, the holidays have come and gone and we’re left to wonder “Where did the time go?” and “I wish we spent more family time together”. It’s not that there isn’t enough time, although it certainly feels that way, but that we are not conscious of how we’re spending our time. As a child and adolescent therapist, and parent coach, I often hear from kids that they wish their parents spent more time with them. Parents too complain that they feel they just don’t spend as […] Read more »

In The Present Moment… Who Would You Be Without Your Thought?

Parents, do you find yourself frustrated or angry with your children? Yes, we’ve all had those kind of days! What about the days when we get frustrated or angry with ourselves? I think we’ve all experienced our fair share of incessant thoughts and chatter that race through our mind each day, sometimes on overdrive. You’ve probably heard the saying “your thoughts become your beliefs…then you act from those beliefs”. Have you ever consciously stopped and examined your thoughts? Really stopped yourself in the middle of one of those thoughts? What if you took the time to push the pause button, before you acted on your thoughts? I wonder how you’d […] Read more »

Want To Make Sustainable Changes in Your Family’s Life?

PARENTS ARE YOU TIRED OF TRYING TO MAKE CHANGES, BUT YOU’RE GETTING THE SAME RESULTS??? Hey there parents! I would imagine that there is a lot going on in your busy lives! Don’t forget to stop (or at least pause), take a breath or two and soak up ALL the good in your life. Yes, I know sometimes it hard to see the good when you’re down in the parenting trenches! I had the pleasure of meeting eight amazing parents last week, who signed up, showed up and sold out my 6 week ScreamFree Parenting class! These brave parents not only enrolled and carved out the time to attend, but […] Read more »

Nurturing Your Child’s Brain…While Teaching Self- Discipline

For many years, parents have asked me to help them with their children’s behavior. As parents, we’ve all had our own experiences when our children misbehave or act out, and we’re easily reminded how frustrated we become. As parents, I’m sure we’ve all felt our own emotions take over when our child is melting down. Yet when our child is emotionally out of control, we too feel at a loss…a sense of powerlessness. At times we’re left to wonder how to get our own emotions under control, especially when our child cannot! As a child & adolescent therapist, parent coach and Mom, I too understand why parents are searching for […] Read more »