Want To Make Sustainable Changes in Your Family’s Life?

PARENTS ARE YOU TIRED OF TRYING TO MAKE CHANGES, BUT YOU’RE GETTING THE SAME RESULTS??? Hey there parents! I would imagine that there is a lot going on in your busy lives! Don’t forget to stop (or at least pause), take a breath or two and soak up ALL the good in your life. Yes, I know sometimes it hard to see the good when you’re down in the parenting trenches! I had the pleasure of meeting eight amazing parents last week, who signed up, showed up and sold out my 6 week ScreamFree Parenting class! These brave parents not only enrolled and carved out the time to attend, but […] Read more »

Nurturing Your Child’s Brain…While Teaching Self- Discipline

For many years, parents have asked me to help them with their children’s behavior. As parents, we’ve all had our own experiences when our children misbehave or act out, and we’re easily reminded how frustrated we become. As parents, I’m sure we’ve all felt our own emotions take over when our child is melting down. Yet when our child is emotionally out of control, we too feel at a loss…a sense of powerlessness. At times we’re left to wonder how to get our own emotions under control, especially when our child cannot! As a child & adolescent therapist, parent coach and Mom, I too understand why parents are searching for […] Read more »

The Secret to Gaining Your Child’s Cooperation

HEY BUSY PARENTS! As a parent coach, child therapist and pediatric nurse practitioner for over 25 years, the most common requests I get from busy moms and dads are: How do I get my child to listen and cooperate?!? Can you help me navigate transitions so that getting my kids out the door or into bed aren’t epic battles? How can I get more time for myself to relax and recharge while still being a great parent? These are brilliant questions and here’s something to know: all parents have them (including me, when I was in the sticky days of parenting) & you are definitely not alone. I remember the […] Read more »

The Gift of Resilience

For quite awhile I’ve wanted to have a conversation about child abuse…but something kept stopping me. I felt that it was an important conversation to have, but one that felt very heavy and dark. I realized that it also hit too close to home for me. I witnessed physical abuse of my brothers, and as the youngest child in my family, I felt powerless. I too experienced emotional abuse…the type of abuse that is hidden, that makes you wonder if it ever really happened…the kind of abuse that makes you doubt yourself. Recently, the subject of child abuse was presented to me, but in a way that I felt was […] Read more »

Parenting is…

A bit of inspiration on parenting. Read more »

Back To School…Tips To Help Ensure A Positive School Year For Your Child

Well, school is back in session and hopefully your kids are adjusting to the new year. As parents, can we do to help ensure that our kids have a positive school year? One way I believe we can help our kids is to encourage them to create a positive vision for the new year. Recently, I came across this quote by Michael Jordan. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” ~ Michael Jordan That’s so true, isn’t it? If we don’t expect things of ourselves, we don’t give it our “all”. Especially if we don’t believe we’re capable of doing it. Then it’s easy not […] Read more »

Families Matter… Let’s Not Give Up!

For many years, I have been deeply concerned about the way we treat each other in society. As a parent, I’ve often wondered, what are we teaching our children…what are we modeling for them? In my own work, as a child & adolescent therapist and parent coach, I’ve been very concerned about children and families. I’ve spent many hours listening to children, and what I’ve witnessed are children who want to be seen by their parents…really seen. Their parents are often very giving and loving but perhaps not in the way the child needs their love. Today’s parents are often overwhelmed and distracted by life’s responsibilities. They want to provide […] Read more »

Huge Parenting Mistakes You Can Avoid

Most parents I know work very hard to raise their kids responsibly. As parents, we want the best for our children. I’ve talked with many parents, who share with me, that they suffer when they see their child suffer or struggle. I too remember watching our kids as they became frustrated or perhaps struggled with life’s challenges. I also remember my own temptation to lessen their suffering…after all what parent wants to watch their child struggle? In our best attempt to protect our children, perhaps we have over-protected them. In our efforts to “help them”, maybe we’ve helped them a bit too much. When we try to lessen their struggles, […] Read more »

How to Teach Your Child to Have Expectations..For Themselves

I was just checking my emails (and yes, they seem to be growing in numbers!) and I came across a quote posted by The ScreamFree Institute. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” ~ Michael Jordan That is so true, isn’t it? If we don’t expect things of ourselves, we don’t give it our “all”. Especially if we don’t believe we’re capable of doing it. Then it’s easy not to be disappointed in ourselves, because we never really expected that we could do it in the first place…right??? This also applies to our children. As they jump back into the new school year, this is […] Read more »

Understanding And Helping Your Sensory Sensitive Child

I’m sure if you have more than one child, you’ve already figured out that each of your children are different from one another. Or perhaps you have an only child but have observed how your child differs from your friend’s children. You may be wondering why your child becomes easily upset or overwhelmed while you’re friend’s child seems to go with the flow. Well, just like we are all different as adults, so are children. We used to view babies as clean slates, but we know that’s not so. Little people come into this world with their own personality and temperament, and their own unique nervous system. Have you noticed […] Read more »

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