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Back To School…Tips To Help Ensure A Positive School Year For Your Child

Well, school is back in session and hopefully your kids are adjusting to the new year. As parents, can we do to help ensure that our kids have a positive school year? One way I believe we can help our kids is to encourage them to create a positive vision for the new year. Recently, I came across this quote by Michael Jordan. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” ~ Michael Jordan That’s so true, isn’t it? If we don’t expect things of ourselves, we don’t give it our “all”. Especially if we don’t believe we’re capable of doing it. Then it’s easy not […] Read more »

Families Matter… Let’s Not Give Up!

For many years, I have been deeply concerned about the way we treat each other in society. As a parent, I’ve often wondered, what are we teaching our children…what are we modeling for them? In my own work, as a child & adolescent therapist and parent coach, I’ve been very concerned about children and families. I’ve spent many hours listening to children, and what I’ve witnessed are children who want to be seen by their parents…really seen. Their parents are often very giving and loving but perhaps not in the way the child needs their love. Today’s parents are often overwhelmed and distracted by life’s responsibilities. They want to provide […] Read more »

Huge Parenting Mistakes You Can Avoid

Most parents I know work very hard to raise their kids responsibly. As parents, we want the best for our children. I’ve talked with many parents, who share with me, that they suffer when they see their child suffer or struggle. I too remember watching our kids as they became frustrated or perhaps struggled with life’s challenges. I also remember my own temptation to lessen their suffering…after all what parent wants to watch their child struggle? In our best attempt to protect our children, perhaps we have over-protected them. In our efforts to “help them”, maybe we’ve helped them a bit too much. When we try to lessen their struggles, […] Read more »

How to Teach Your Child to Have Expectations..For Themselves

I was just checking my emails (and yes, they seem to be growing in numbers!) and I came across a quote posted by The ScreamFree Institute. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” ~ Michael Jordan That is so true, isn’t it? If we don’t expect things of ourselves, we don’t give it our “all”. Especially if we don’t believe we’re capable of doing it. Then it’s easy not to be disappointed in ourselves, because we never really expected that we could do it in the first place…right??? This also applies to our children. As they jump back into the new school year, this is […] Read more »

Understanding And Helping Your Sensory Sensitive Child

I’m sure if you have more than one child, you’ve already figured out that each of your children are different from one another. Or perhaps you have an only child but have observed how your child differs from your friend’s children. You may be wondering why your child becomes easily upset or overwhelmed while you’re friend’s child seems to go with the flow. Well, just like we are all different as adults, so are children. We used to view babies as clean slates, but we know that’s not so. Little people come into this world with their own personality and temperament, and their own unique nervous system. Have you noticed […] Read more »

Launching Hope… Let’s Stop Raising Kids and Start Launching Adults

Parents, have you wondered why it’s taking teens so long to grow up? Did you know within the last 30 years, the the number of young adults in their twenties, who are moving back home with their parents, has doubled?!!! Did you also know that teenagers and young adults over the past 30 years have been experiencing an increasing level of distress and a decreasing level of success? What’s going on? Well an easy excuse is the poor economy, which a lot of folks have relied on. However, it is Hal Runkel’s belief, founder of the ScreamFree Institute, that we’ve continued to raise “kids” but have forgotten to raise and […] Read more »

Back To School…What Teachers Want Parents To Know

I can’t believe that summer is almost over! I remember when my children were younger we tried to pack the summer with fun activities while allowing for slow summer days…and none of us were ever truly ready for summer to end. I also remember joking with my Mom friends and asking them if they were ready to go back to school…because the reality was although we weren’t really going back to school with our kids, there were times it certainly felt like it. I have a lot of insight now, both as a Mom and in my professional work with families, about the joys and frustrations that school can bring. […] Read more »

Opportunity to Learn from Experience

In the end, it’s not what you do for your children…but what you’ve taught them to do for themselves. ~Ann Landers Do you like to suffer? I know I don’t! Some people view suffering as part of life and others believe that suffering is an option. A few years ago, I read a definition of suffering that has really stuck with me. It stated that “The definition of suffering is wanting things to be different than they are”. Isn’t that true? Think back to the last time you suffered over someone or something. Did you want the person or situation to be different than it was? When we’re able to […] Read more »

Kids And The Great Outdoors… A Natural Fit

Have you noticed how busy our lives have become and how disconnected we’re feeling with each other and nature. We often yearn for simpler times, perhaps remembering our own childhood, when we’d spend many afternoons outside connecting with nature and allowing our imaginations to entertain us for hours. As a play therapist, I often recommend turning off the digital devices and encouraging free play for both kids and their parents. Recent studies are showing a correlation between the decrease in free playtime for children, and an increase in the rate of childhood anxiety and depression. Part of the reason given, is that children feel less in control of their own […] Read more »

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