Childhood Messages Do Matter

Today we’re going to explore an important topic…and have a much needed conversation, but one that might be hard to hear. Our conversation today is going to be about childhood messages. Messages, both the ones that we received as a child, and messages that we are sending to our children…sometimes consciously, often unconsciously. Childhood messages do matter…the messages that we receive as children, we take them into our adult lives. I believe that when we learn to send healthy messages to children, they will take their healthy messages out into the world and the ripple effect will be huge. I’ve asked my guest, Lori Petro, to join my conversation. Lori […] Read more »

Teen Substance Abuse…Parents Make a Difference

I know we’re all concerned about substance abuse in this country and its detrimental effects. For myself, it’s even more concerning, both as a parent and child and adolescent therapist, the number of children and teens who are abusing alcohol and drugs. As concerned as we are, we’re often afraid to see the truth…to think that it’ even possible that our kids could be abusing drugs and alcohol. A parent’s response, “Not my child”, may not be true. We’re often even unaware of the signs to look for. So parents, I wanted to begin a conversation to help educate all of us about teen substance abuse and the important role […] Read more »

Sibling Rivalry…It Drives Parents Crazy!

Parents are you tired of your kids picking at each other, arguing over the silliest matters, fighting with each other and fighting for your attention?Well you’re not alone. I hear that complaint from many parents that I work with. Today we’re going to talk about sibling rivalry…you’ll learn why kids fight and what you can do as a parent to minimize this. I’ve invited my guest Pam Dyson to join my conversation. Some of you may remember a previous show when Pam and I talked about play therapy, and the importance of play. Pam is a child development expert, parenting coach, licensed professional counselor, nationally certified counselor and registered play […] Read more »

The Journey Of Motherhood…One Mom’s Story

I love talking to Moms…hearing their stories… their wishes…their dreams. Motherhood is a beautiful journey. A journey filled with joy, love and precious moments. It’s also a journey filled with ups and downs, and detours along the way. I’m in the process of writing a book, “If I Knew Then…Mothers’ Journey in Discovering What Really Matters”. My inspiration for this book has come not only from my own journey as a Mom, but other mothers as well. I believe we understand more about our mothering journey when we’re able to slow down and reflect. When we’re able to look at our journey retrospectively, we’re able to look back and see […] Read more »

Capturing The Moment…Photographing Your Children

I remember taking many photos of my kids when they were younger. I also remember trying to capture that special moment, but the images were never quite as good as I’d hope. Often the lighting was terrible, the photo was washed out, or it just didn’t represent the special moment I was trying to capture. As much as I love looking at photos of my kids, I wish I had known more about how to capture that special moment. Kids grow up so quickly and we want to preserve those special moments with them, for years to come. So today I’ve invited my guest Jody Mack to join my conversation. […] Read more »

Self-Care Is Not Selfish… Nurture Yourself So That You Can Nurture Your Family

I’m so glad you’ve joined us today. We’re going to be talking about the importance of self-care for Moms. Moms that I’ve met and worked with seem to share a common problem of not taking care of themselves. I’ve heard Moms say that they feel selfish and guilty if they do something for themselves. Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” and there is some truth to that. Even though we’re told on an airplane to put our own oxygen masks on first before we put our child’s on….that is so counterintuitive to our mothering instincts. So I decided that it was time […] Read more »

Consequences…They Happen Naturally, If We Let Them

Most of my time spent with parents seems to revolve around their children’s behavior and consequences. As parents, we’re often frustrated by our child’s behavior and even more upset when our consequences aren’t working! You’ve probably experienced your own frustrations around consequences…what works today, might not work tomorrow. What’s a parent to do? Have you ever stopped to think about the consequences that you’re giving? Are they even related to your child’s behavior? Please join us today and I believe you’ll leave our conversation with a shift in your perspective as a parent…perhaps a different view about consequences and your parenting role. I’ve invited my guest Rhonda Moskowitz to join […] Read more »

Raising Your Children…Lessons From Mothers Of The Brightest And Best

Parents, do you wish your children came with instruction manuals? I know there were days when I did! But I quickly realized that you’d need a different set of instructions for each child and the instructions would be constantly changing! If you’re expecting a baby, or perhaps are knee deep in mothering, you might be wondering what is important to teach your child. You may be questioning how to raise your little one to become a well adjusted adult…one who will be capable of living a full, responsible life. One who is able to offer contributions to our world. Well, I’m sure you’re going to want to tune in today […] Read more »

Open To Possibilities…And Consciously Creating Our Lives

Today we’re going to take a look at something that might seem a bit strange but I believe you’re going to be inspired by our conversation! Do you believe that you have any control over your life, or do you feel that life just happens? Well, I’ve always had the sense that I’ve played a part in my own life…afterall, I am the key player right? I’ve also had the sense that things happen for a reason, but was often left wondering why? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction and may have seen the movie, “The Secret”. There seemed to be a lot of buzz about […] Read more »

Raising A Healthy Eater

As a parent, we know about the importance of feeding our children nutritious food…but knowing it and actually doing it are two different things! What about those picky eaters…the ones who only want to eat mac n cheese and chicken nuggets. We’re also well aware of the increasing rate of childhood obesity, which not only affects children during their childhood, but has far reaching health implications as adults. I’ve invited my guest, Dr. Ann to help us explore ways for parents to raise a healthy eater…and it’s never too late to start. As a physician, best-selling author, and motivational speaker, Dr. Ann Kulze is on a personal crusade to share […] Read more »

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