Becoming the Parent You Hoped to Be

Becoming and being a parent is one of the of life’s greatest gifts. It’s filled with joy, love, and experiences that last a lifetime. And yet, it is not easy.

Have you ever had good intentions, as a parent , but somehow veered “off course”? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or reactive towards your children? Have you become the kind of parent you never thought you would be?
This is where the power of intentional parenting comes into being. It offers an approach to parenting that is rewarding and life changing for the entire family.

I would like to share a short and informative booklet I wrote titled, “Becoming The Parent You Hoped To Be”, that offers invaluable information about intentional parenting. It gives you new insight into how you can parent mindfully, and it includes some specific examples and steps that can be used right this very moment!

I hope you enjoy the book! You can download it free by entering your e-mail address in the “free ebook” below.

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