Parent Coaching

Parenthood can be a fulfilling experience, full of joy, and excitement. It can also feel like a rollercoaster ride, with many ups and downs, and you’re not quite sure what’s around the corner. Parents today are often overwhelmed with busy schedules and pressures to raise responsible well adjusted children, while juggling jobs, and other responsibilities. Because extended families are not always available, parents may lack the support or knowledge they need. There are many parenting and behavioral books available, however, they often contain general information, which may not meet your child’s needs. Books do not take into consideration the uniqueness of your child or your family.

Parent coaching provides a space for you to listen to and trust yourself in your parenting journey. You already know your child better than anyone else. Sometimes parents become lost as they search for an expert’s advice about their child. As your parent coach, I will ask questions and guide you to find your own solutions for your child. You will become the “expert” in your parenting role and through our coaching relationship, will discover new ways to relate to your child.

Bonnie Compton is Available to You

Bonnie Compton, founder of Parenting Partners, is available for interviews, speaking engagements, as well as individual and group coaching sessions by phone..