• Do You Wish You Felt More Confident as a Parent?
  • Do You Wish Your Kids Would Listen to You?
  • Would You Like to Become a Calm & Connected Parent…and Raise Responsible Children?
  • Would You Like to Have More Fun With Your Kids and Deepen Your Relationship?


Come join us and learn to become a calm and connected parent

You’ll learn to…

  • Create a calm new path to parenting.
  • Respond to your child with empathy and understanding rather than react to their behavior from your own frustration.
  • Inspire more cooperation from your child…while learning to raise responsible kids!
  • Be in control of your own emotions, rather than trying to control your child’s.
  • Remain “calm and connected” to your child, and operate from your steady parenting principles, rather than from your own parental anxiety.
  • Deepen your connection with your child

Do you feel you have to raise your voice, yell or scream to get your kids to listen to you?

We ALL scream, but not only when we raise our voice. We also scream when we…

  • Become silent and disconnect from our children.
  • Try to control or manipulate their behavior (no matter what age they are).
  • Either overfunction or underfunction, as a parent.

There is a different way…I believe a better way!

Choose to become a ScreamFree Parent, and learn to take the calm and connected path to parenting.

As a result of becoming a ScreamFree parent, both you and your family will thrive, rather than survive each day. Thrive = create (experience) more peace and joy in daily family life.

Here is what some Moms had to say after attending the class…

“I can’t thank you enough for your life changing class. Before the class, our home was tense and filled with power struggles even over little things. You gave me hope, and taught me stop my own emotional reactivity. This immediately resulted in fewer battles!
Through the class, I learned how to help my daughter manage her own emotions, as I learned to manage my own. And, one of the best results has been that my daughter is now learning to take responsibility for her own behavior!
Our home is now peaceful, joyous and fun! My relationship with my daughter has forever changed… thank you Bonnie!”

The guidance you gave us was spot-on and we appreciate your “calm and connected” approach to parenting. Thank you for helping us relax and enjoy being parents again. In only a few short weeks our home has gone from being tense and unhappy to loving and playful. Our daughter truly adores you and looks forward to her visits with “Miss Bonnie”.

~ Thank you, thank you, thank you, Allison & Brett

Space is limited…don’t delay and sign up TODAY to begin the calm path to parenting!

When: TBD

Life Guidance Center
3030 Ashley Town Center Rd.

**Facilitated by Bonnie Compton, Child & Adolescent Therapist, Parent Coach, and certified screamfree leader

Cost: includes book, the class and closed Facebook Group community

Payment plans available; please call 843-735-5900, ext. 105 for more info.

Space is limited…Call today!

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Bonnie Compton, Certified ScreamFree