Parent Coaching

Parent coaching provides a space for you to listen to and trust yourself in your parenting journey.
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Becoming the Parent You Hoped to Be Ebook

by Bonnie Compton
Becoming and being a parent is one of the of life’s greatest gifts. It’s filled with joy, love, and experiences that last a lifetime. And yet, it is not easy. Have you ever had good intentions, as a parent , but somehow veered “off course”? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or reactive towards your children? Have you become the kind of parent you never thought you would be?

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Therapy Services

I am a child and adolescent play therapist. I have treated both children and adolescents with behavioral and developmental disorders. I also provide therapy for families facing such issues as divorce, death, and school adjustment. I have a special interest in coaching parents to become more mindful and intentional in their relationship with their child. I have witnessed the profound and lasting impact on the relationship between parents and children, as parents begin to shift their focus from the child’s behavior to their own relationship with their child.

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“Through Your Child’s Eyes….Parenting with Intention”
“Becoming a Calm and Connected Parent…While Raising Responsible Children”
“What Children Need From Their Parents”
“Why Won’t My Child Listen to Me”
“How to Unplug Your Child From their Digital Devices”
“My Child Didn’t Come with Instructions!”
“Tips for Toddlers”
“Helicopter Parenting…Do You Hover?”
*Workshops may be customized for your particular group’s interest

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