Work With Me

Be honest. How much effort are you expending now trying to get your child to:

  • do their homework
  • brush their teeth
  • go to bed
  • fill in the blank

What if you knew you could actually spend less time and energy trying to “get” your child to do something… and actually spend more quality time together?

Welcome to Parenting With Courage.

My signature approach to parenting is based on over 30 years of experience as a child and adolescent therapist as well as the tools I share in my best selling book Mothering With Courage.

Here is my promise to you. When you decide to make the commitment to change, within just four short weeks, you will transform the way you parent. You’ll begin to see your role and your child from a different perspective. You’ll be amazed at how easy the transformation occurs. AND… your child(ren) will instantly take notice and start showing up more fully, freely, and without any drama!

Here’s what one dad told me after working with me in my Parenting With Courage 4 Session Series…

“Bonnie, I was doubtful that I’d see much change in our family when we began working with you…I’m here to tell you…YOU ARE A MIRACLE WORKER!”.

Yes, this is possible for you – and more – when you commit to END your struggle and BEGIN parenting with courage.

Introducing The Parenting With Courage Sessions

4 Sessions To Reduce Overwhelm, Remove Triggers, Deepen Connection, & Create Meaningful Memories – For Life!

I created my 4-session package for moms and dads who are feeling frustrated, fed up, and/or freaking out about the current state of their relationship with their child(ren).

If you’re DONE worrying that you’re screwing your kids up – or that you’re losing your mind while parenting ‘bad’ kids – you’re not alone.

In just 4 sessions, I will help you shift from waking up every day feeling like there are battles to win or lose, that every conversation is a confrontation to overcome, and/or that you’ve already lost your ability to think, reason, and parent clearly.

The truth is, parenting is the hardest job in the world.

And considering you don’t get paid to do it – or get days off to recover – it’s no wonder you feel emotional, overwhelmed, or at your wits’ end.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

When we work together in my Parenting With Courage 4 Session Series, you’ll have the support you need to put down your swords of struggle, strain, frustration, and fear, and cultivate more compassion, courage, clarity, and confidence when it comes to loving, raising, and engaging your kid(s).

I designed these sessions for parents who are ready to STOP struggling with:

  • Unhealthy or collapsed boundaries between you and your children
  • Having to repeat yourself over and over again so that your kids will actually listen.
  • How to more lovingly and compassionately communicate and relate with your kid(s)

During these 4 powerful one hour sessions (done via phone, Skype or Zoom, or), I will help you:

  1. Get a clear understanding of your greatest challenges, areas of struggle, and concerns when it comes to parenting
  2. Deepen into your own experiences of how you were parented – and how your personal history may be clouding your ability to parent with courage
  3. Identify EXACTLY what’s driving you crazy about your kid(s) – and what to do about it
  4. Learn how to clear your emotional landmines so you can STOP feeling so triggered all the time
  5. Discover the common themes dominating your feelings, frustrations, and fears – and learn to diffuse them
  6. Explore healthy ways to deeply connect with your kid(s) and partner
  7. Learn how to create agenda-free time with your kid(s) so they feel loved, supported, nurtured, and understood
  8. Learn how to adopt a “No teach, no preach” approach to spending special time with your family
  9. Acknowledge your feelings
  10. Learn to deeply acknowledge your kid(s) for who they are
  11. Discover how to reconnect to your child(ren) without letting their “bad” behavior create a breakdown
  12. Learn to say yes more than you say no
  13. STOP putting yourself on back burner
  14. Cultivate connection with self and make time for self care
  15. Master transitions within your day to maximize quality time
  16. End the family wounding – for good!

You don’t have to spend years in therapy to profoundly and powerfully change the dynamics within your family. If you and/or your child(ren) are already in therapy, my work compliments the therapeutic process – while delivering extraordinary results in record time.

The most valuable investment you can make in yourself and your life is to cultivate the skills needed to parent with courage. This is your legacy. And it’s possible to love that legacy, starting today!
So why work with me?

My unique gifts I can offer you are based on a lifetime of experiences. My own childhood and the messages I received (unhealthy ones), my personal experience of motherhood (raising four children…now amazing adults) and working for over 30 years with families (witnessing their joy and pain) brings my work to a deeper, holistic approach. An approach that takes your individual needs into consideration. This is not a “cookie cutter” approach to parenting.

In all my years experience, I have found that once you’ve made the commitment to create small changes in your parenting, within 4 sessions, BIG positive long lasting change occurs!
Of course to help you along the way, I’ll be giving you homework assignments at the end of each session. And we’ll review your progress in meeting your family goals, at the beginning of the subsequent sessions.
My commitment to you is to helps you to stay committed to yourself.

I’ll show up for you and I need you to show up too!

Our journey together will be inspirational and exciting. You’ll learn about patterns within your family dynamics. You’ll also learn the power of changing your reality simply by making small conscious choices…day by day…moment by moment.

Just imagine…

  • Being a parent with a plan, a parent who feels confident in their role
  • Learning to respond to your child, rather than react to their behavior
  • Connecting with your child on a deeper level
  • Rekindling the joy in parenthood!

Parenting is one of your most important jobs. It’s never too late to develop a meaningful relationship with your child…a relationship that will continue to grow as your child grows. Your relationship with your child is vital to their future.

Let’s connect and begin this journey together.


~Karen Lamb

If you’re ready to discover ways that I can help you, please schedule a 20 minute complimentary phone session with me.

Working with Bonnie has changed the way we communicate, lead and teach our boys. Her unique coaching approach gave us the tools we needed to take our parenting to the next level. After just a few short sessions, we experienced remarkable changes. Previous struggles became more manageable with each step we took and now our family is more aligned and happier than ever. Bonnie is a coach, mentor and friend for life.

~Elias and Shannon Deeb